Previous projects / clients:

​Full functioning flight simulators:
Flight Simulators Midlands- Boeing 747 ​
SkyWest helicopter training Ireland- R44
​Airbus A320 simulator display for Aerospace Bristol

​Movie cockpits- spacecraft:
Our team created functional Apollo control panels, computers, and instruments for Damien Chazelle's movie "First Man".

Movie cockpits- Sci Fi (Design)
Warner Bros: Interstellar - Ranger and Lander cockpits
Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy-Interior Milano

Movie cockpits - aircraft:
Warner Bros: Batman III The Dark Night Rises- The Bat cockpit
Universal Pictures: United 93- Boeing 757 cockpit
20thCentury Fox- Behind Enemy Lines- FA-18 cockpit

Jet-Ex designs, builds, and operates flight simulators and cockpits for training, exhibits, and the film industry.
Now available for pilots and the public at our new facility near Bath in southwest England. 
The Jetex 737NG is a true Full Motion Flight Simulator, featuring a very responsive 6 DOF Moog motion system, a real 737 cockpit, force feedback flight controls, full 737 systems simulation, and a 230-degree collimated (infinity focused) visual system. For more information and to purchase simulator experiences visit:
Boeing 737 Full Motion Flight Simulator 
Call:+44 7537144293